Study proves That dressing does not cause rape.

By the words of many Indian Moral Guides (or moral Police as they are called) Women are inviting rape by dressing in sexually provocative dress. Now a study conducted by NGO's working for women welfare has come up with these results:

They have found that there was no pattern in the dresses worn by rape victims.

The age group of the rape victim showed no pattern.

The location was most important. Usually the location is a place where the rapist would feel safe and undetectable in his act of crime.

The NGO's used a specially developed assessment system to detect how sexually frustrated the Indian mail was. This involved the use of popular social networking sites, chatting clients, calls to random mobile numbers etc. The test was done by first initiating a conversation on any of these mediums. Then the sexual frustration was measured by calculating the time an individual male took to make a sexual advance. Surveys where also conducted to normalise the results.
The results showed that the average Indian Male was very sexual frustrated.

Now they have also collected a whole lot of dresses that women where wearing when they where subjected to any kind of sexual abuse.

The reason for the Indian Males sexual frustration is that sex is Taboo. This is not how always sex has been in the Indian Culture. This is the result of the Neo Indian culture that has developed through the 20th century. Serious steps owe to be taken by the government so as to make the Indian male less sexually frustrated.


sagar said...

yeah! I firmly agree with u.
Fron the vwry of strt ,in Indian culture women has always gert bad threats on n no. of reasons not for only dressing
Govt has to take it siriously even now

Anonymous said...

well, I dont understand what the government can do to vent the male sexual frustration. It's not like they can promote promiscuity. I think the frustration is a direct result of our culture and in my opinion it will be extremely hard to change that, unless of course all women decide they would help reduce it by letting go of their moral values and having free sex with any sex craved male they come across.Not likely.

plastiman said...

I do not agree with your study.Provocative Dressing induces men sexually.Provocative dressing is subjective, an girl dressed in t-shirt and jeans/skirt will be provocative universally. In rural area they have other ways to be provocative i.e.low necked blouse, half sarees in south, exposed navel etc.
the so called NGOs must have consider T-shirt with Jeans/skirt as only procavative dress and must have concluded that since this dresses are not worn in rural area still rape cases occur their.thus Provocative dress is not the reason for rape.
to conclude i can give an example, We all know Ashwaria Rai is most beutiful women on earth, but you will find more followers of Mallika Sheravat and Rakhi Sawant, Why, I think this is good enough to prove that Procovative dresses do induces men for sex.
I am not justifying rapist i think they should be severly punished.

Anonymous said...

The goverment can do a lot of things. The first they they can do would be to conduct proper studies. They can change the attitudes that mould a Man from the school levle it self. They can stop talking culture and start making culture. The human body needs to went its sexual fustration just like hunger or thirst. The basic Indian view of sex bieng wrong or dirty needs to change and no body but the goverment is bieng paid to do that. First and formost most people who talk about morality does not even understand what it is. The goverment should try and change that first. From the education system to the top everything has to be revamped. Women are not objects and that key idea should go into peoples minds. Sex is not an act. The media should be encouraged to show things that educate people about sex along with the high dose of sexist stuff they are showing thus giving a real perspective of sex for the crowd at large

Neelam said...

discussion on this topic is going on


check out this link and add your words too

tHoMManDi said...

yeah.. i agree, the indian male is really sexually frustrated. this is even more so in our small towns. the reason for this is the fraudulence of our culture. it has to change.

Anonymous said...

All males are sexually frustrated. It is a natural urge for men to want to have sex with women ... especially attractive, scantily-clad women. I think that society has evolved quicker than the human brain can deal with. The male psyche is still geared to dominating females - seeing an attractive woman and having his way with her. Men's brains still think that we have the upper-hand but society says that this is wrong. Would it help if women didn't play on this "newly-found" power by dressing provacatively? I don't think so, even Muslim women in full religious dress get raped ... why ... because their eyes look sexy??!?!?! No, because men feel that they have a nutural right to fulfill their primative urges. This will only get worse and there is nothing that anyone can do about it.