Does culture Justify eating Dog Meat ?

Dog meat is consumed in a lot of different places around the world, Korea , China,Taiwan,Vietnam,Switzerland, The Arctics,Polynesia,India,Philippines,Nigeria,Mexico,Canada.

Among these Korea, Vietnam and Taiwan have dog meat as part of their everyday Cuisine. Other countries have pockets here and there where people use Dog meat.

Culture is the justification used by most of the people using dog meat. They justify what they are doing by saying that in their culture dogs are used for meat. This is not true even in Korea or Vietnam Dogs are not solely used for meat they are as else where used as pets and guards. The Korean Police even has a dog squad. Dogs trust their masters, and dog farmers are using this very trust to kill these dogs. Dogs get attached to humans easily and therefor they bond with humans and this trust is used by the farmers to kill the dogs easily.

Culture has nothing to do with dog meat, its economics for these farmers dogs are easy to raise compared to other animals require less food per kilogram sold and require less expenditure per kilo than other meats. Another fact is that they have interbred dogs to get easily weight gaining breeds. Another important fact is that dogs are easy to breed. Dogs are also less sensitive to food that is they can be fed almost anything. Veterinary science is much more advance for dogs than meat animals and medicines cheaper.

Culture has the least to do with these. Dogs are called mans best friend for a reason the trust that dogs keep on their masters and vis versa now can exploitation of that trust for economic reason be justified by culture when it has nothing at all to do with culture?
Eating dog meat does not
  • increases a man's sexual virility
  • cure any ailments
  • increase chance of bearing male child
  • increase intelligence
  • make one's soul pure
  • do anything but kill a dog


Slaughtering Birds To Get Government Assistance Justified?

As soon as farmers hear about bird flu they start slaughtering birds in the thousands without even doing preliminary tests. Avian Flu is dangerous agreed but these farmers are not doing it for that reason, they spread the news themselves using their media connections and false reports and then they slaughter their birds in thousands and they make sure they slaughter the cheapest of their lots (like egg laying batches etc).

This is done so as to get the monetary benefits third world Governments are offering farmers. This is usually done when the meat prices are in season lows. Most third world governments are offering monetary compensation to farmers so that they do not hesitate to destroy their birds.

The farmers are usually non nationalities with high influences. They use their influence to make a false alert situation in these countries and utilise this to get monetary benefits and other tax benefits from the local government. This also has another effect of putting people into false alert and creating a situation of panic which are utilised by fraudulent medicine companies by offering vaccines. Which mostly don't work and is not necessary because there is no threat situation.

This situation is created by the fact that news spreads very slowly in such countries and people are usually alerted only when the whole deal is over. Knowing this fact these farmers and medicine companies are cheating the already poor and downtrodden populations of many African and Asian countries.

This situation can change if the authorities of these countries would stop supporting such tricksters and make sure that people are kept informed about the situation.

Dont let the Box Be your precious one's Baby Sitter

Its often that you see toddlers, who have barely started talking, imitating popular dialogues and scenes from television. Are parent justified in any way? for letting their children into the commercialised and unmonitored world of television at a time when they should be bonding and understanding the real world

The usual reason parent give for leaving their toddlers in front of the Box is that it keeps them engaged and thus giving the parent the freedom to do their activities in peace.

The negative effects that this has on the child is numerous. The period from 9 months to 3 years are crucial to any child's life, this period is associated to basic character formation, motor skill development, muscle strengthening and lot of other important growth related factors that influence the child entire life.

The child motor skills development is affected in very adverse ways, once the child starts getting interested in the Box, it will be easier for the child to concentrate on the moving pictures and sounds the Box produces than to try and learn new motor skills. Studies have shown delayed walking and other motor skill having direct relation to the Box.

Such children also tend to be obese from an younger age due to physical inactivity.

The Box also induces unrealistic thoughts into the child's innocent mind. They are also exposed to Violence and other inappropriate material.

Such children also lack emotional attachments as they are more used to the artificial emotions that they encounter on TV(This is for the older group above 2). They also relate more to television than real life because the Box becomes an important part of their life that too early in life. Thus such children will lack proper understanding of life as it is. They also tend to believe that what they see on TV is real.

Most toddlers do live in a made up world of imagination ,but these children lack the ability to imagine for them selves and thus impairing mental growth and resulting in lower IQ levels later on in life.

The worst of all problems is the high chance of addiction to the Box seen in such children later on in life. These children also have very little bonding to their parents. The child bonds with its parents the most at this age and this is completely lost.

The Box has heavy psychological influence on the viewer to make the viewer decide what they like and don't. Such children as they grow become complete slaves to commercial and political influences the Box can exercise thus creating a generation that has very little decision power.

Parents should take this issue seriously and make sure that the BOX NEVER BECOMES THEIR CHILD'S BABY SITTER. Also for older children the amount of time spent in front of the Box should be never more than 3 hours a day(preferably less)


Study proves That dressing does not cause rape.

By the words of many Indian Moral Guides (or moral Police as they are called) Women are inviting rape by dressing in sexually provocative dress. Now a study conducted by NGO's working for women welfare has come up with these results:

They have found that there was no pattern in the dresses worn by rape victims.

The age group of the rape victim showed no pattern.

The location was most important. Usually the location is a place where the rapist would feel safe and undetectable in his act of crime.

The NGO's used a specially developed assessment system to detect how sexually frustrated the Indian mail was. This involved the use of popular social networking sites, chatting clients, calls to random mobile numbers etc. The test was done by first initiating a conversation on any of these mediums. Then the sexual frustration was measured by calculating the time an individual male took to make a sexual advance. Surveys where also conducted to normalise the results.
The results showed that the average Indian Male was very sexual frustrated.

Now they have also collected a whole lot of dresses that women where wearing when they where subjected to any kind of sexual abuse.

The reason for the Indian Males sexual frustration is that sex is Taboo. This is not how always sex has been in the Indian Culture. This is the result of the Neo Indian culture that has developed through the 20th century. Serious steps owe to be taken by the government so as to make the Indian male less sexually frustrated.

Bull PENIS for DInner!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

OK i love Chinese food but i cant even think about eating any kind of penis for dinner!!!
This one is about an Asian delicacy made out of Bull Penis. Heard about stuff made out of Bull testicles but this is where the urine comes from and this is what he uses to copulate.

OK it goes like this. The best Bull penis is bought by the cook from the local market , remember its priced by the length(3 feet+),color , freshness etc. Now this is brought back to the kitchen the first and most important part of the deal is cleaning the urinary tract this is done with water first and then with vinegar. Now the cleaned penis is to be cut , the best part of it is the head that gets the most blood flow this is like usually given to the most important guest. And so goes the tale. These are prepared by the most experienced chefs only.

I do not think eating an animals genitals can be fun or tasty or anything of the sort that would be positive so why do people do it? The reason is simple its a complex of wanting to do big things a bull is a big animal and a penis is something that is considered very important so eating its penis gives people a feeling of having done something big or gives them something to brag about. Its not the taste its not a common food even in Asia its in fact a delicacy that only the Emperor had in the past
Should we be so narrow minded ? The question remains.

Tigers Bieng Fed Live Cow For Entertainment

This is not entertainment

This picture shows tiger's feasting on a cow that was fed to them for entertainment of the onlookers in Harbin, China. Not to satisfy their hunger but for paid entertainment. This is not NATURE this is CRUELTY FOR ENTERTAINMENT. The fact that Feeding a cow would cost onlookers 200$ or more and for a chicken in the range of 5 $. I am in no way against china or its people. I love china have been intrigued by its culture and amazed by its architecture and love Chinese food but I personally cant stand this. When i saw this on TV I thought it was just a publicity stunt by the channel but search on Google returned a lot. This is not Fair Chinese authorities should stop this. A country with such deep culture should not stoop to these levels for money. This is simply not right. Leave you comment and check back for more news on this post.Remember these are not wild tigers feeding on a wild cow. These are tigers being fed wild cows for entertainment. React we have otherwise they will continue this brutality. Post your opinions here and if you find any information about the same please do post them so that we can be well informed on this. Let us not keep our mouths shut remembers these are animals and they cant talk for themselves we will have to talk for them.
I will be updating if i get more information please dont hesitate to post links or other information that you might find.
I Have found a video on you tube that states this to be true. This is disturbing and should be watched caution.

Follow Up on The Great Indian Bustard

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Close on the heels of reports about declining tiger numbers in Rajasthan, now comes the alarming news that the Great Indian Bustard population has declined to 500 due to poaching and shrinking habitats

The IUCN passed a resolution requesting the Indian government to initiate Project Bustard, along the lines of Project Tiger, a suggestion backed by other wildlife organisations. Project Tiger and Project Elephant have shown that by identifying an indicator species and focusing attention on it and its habitat, an array of threatened species and habitats can be protected.

But as of now nothing is being done. We need more momentum. The world needs to know that nothing is being done. The number is going down quick. The worst part is that the number of birds in zoos etc are also low. Due to this fact if we loose the wild population the chances of getting it back is close to Nil.

The Indian Government is not taking it seriously it can be show by the fact that many public interest litigation returned the explanation that :

"Number of steps are being taken to protect the species, which has been placed in schedule one of the Wildlife (Protection) Act of 1972"

which by itself is an archaic set of rules. We will be running another campaign soon to get the international and the national community to recognise this fact.

Habitat Conservation Plans (HCP):

No Habitat Conservation Plans exist for the Great Indian bustard.

No petitions on Bastard
Safe Harbor Agreements (SHA):

No Safe Harbor Agreements exist for the Great Indian bustard.

Candidate Conservation Agreements (CCA):

No Candidate Conservation Agreements exist for the Great Indian bustard.

Candidate Conservation Agreements with Assurances (CCAA):

No Candidate Conservation Agreements with Assurances exist for the Great Indian bustard.