Slaughtering Birds To Get Government Assistance Justified?

As soon as farmers hear about bird flu they start slaughtering birds in the thousands without even doing preliminary tests. Avian Flu is dangerous agreed but these farmers are not doing it for that reason, they spread the news themselves using their media connections and false reports and then they slaughter their birds in thousands and they make sure they slaughter the cheapest of their lots (like egg laying batches etc).

This is done so as to get the monetary benefits third world Governments are offering farmers. This is usually done when the meat prices are in season lows. Most third world governments are offering monetary compensation to farmers so that they do not hesitate to destroy their birds.

The farmers are usually non nationalities with high influences. They use their influence to make a false alert situation in these countries and utilise this to get monetary benefits and other tax benefits from the local government. This also has another effect of putting people into false alert and creating a situation of panic which are utilised by fraudulent medicine companies by offering vaccines. Which mostly don't work and is not necessary because there is no threat situation.

This situation is created by the fact that news spreads very slowly in such countries and people are usually alerted only when the whole deal is over. Knowing this fact these farmers and medicine companies are cheating the already poor and downtrodden populations of many African and Asian countries.

This situation can change if the authorities of these countries would stop supporting such tricksters and make sure that people are kept informed about the situation.

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