Does culture Justify eating Dog Meat ?

Dog meat is consumed in a lot of different places around the world, Korea , China,Taiwan,Vietnam,Switzerland, The Arctics,Polynesia,India,Philippines,Nigeria,Mexico,Canada.

Among these Korea, Vietnam and Taiwan have dog meat as part of their everyday Cuisine. Other countries have pockets here and there where people use Dog meat.

Culture is the justification used by most of the people using dog meat. They justify what they are doing by saying that in their culture dogs are used for meat. This is not true even in Korea or Vietnam Dogs are not solely used for meat they are as else where used as pets and guards. The Korean Police even has a dog squad. Dogs trust their masters, and dog farmers are using this very trust to kill these dogs. Dogs get attached to humans easily and therefor they bond with humans and this trust is used by the farmers to kill the dogs easily.

Culture has nothing to do with dog meat, its economics for these farmers dogs are easy to raise compared to other animals require less food per kilogram sold and require less expenditure per kilo than other meats. Another fact is that they have interbred dogs to get easily weight gaining breeds. Another important fact is that dogs are easy to breed. Dogs are also less sensitive to food that is they can be fed almost anything. Veterinary science is much more advance for dogs than meat animals and medicines cheaper.

Culture has the least to do with these. Dogs are called mans best friend for a reason the trust that dogs keep on their masters and vis versa now can exploitation of that trust for economic reason be justified by culture when it has nothing at all to do with culture?
Eating dog meat does not
  • increases a man's sexual virility
  • cure any ailments
  • increase chance of bearing male child
  • increase intelligence
  • make one's soul pure
  • do anything but kill a dog



Abhigyan said...

I agree wtih you

luther said...

Farming dogs for food is perhaps the most barbaric act in human history. As a vegetarian, i would rather people didn't eat any meat, but eating dogs, an animal evolved to trust and love us, is the ultimate betrayal. It is the depth of human depravity.

arunplakkat said...


priyanka said...

i agree with u, it is ridiculous to eat dog meat
but, how can we stop this ?

biswa said...

I agree with u dogs are humans best friend they cannot be eaten

janak joti said...

its hard to believe, although it also happens in india. what can one say but "god bless those people who do it". This is crime.

christopherson said...

Yes, i agree that eating dog is immoral and low-class. Because, chicken, cows and pigs are ugly, stupid, and inferior animals. definitely they can't be human's best friends. We human are the supreme beings that our greatest almighty Jesus gave us the right to kill or eat any inferior living things. But Jesus, of course, didn't allow dogs to be eaten as proved in Bible. So dog eating is a deadly sin.

All Christian nations should discriminate any other dog eating countries. Give them more Bible teachings and teach them to eat all other kinds of meat, no matter whale, rabbit, horse, alligator, salmon, nemo, JUST NO DOG MEAT.

Rohini said...

I'm sorry but I dont believe chicken, cows & pigs are 'stupid' or 'inferior' animals. we maybe the highest evolved species on the food chain but it doesnt give us the right to discriminate. What maybe cruel to one community might be culture or tradition to the other-bakri eid or slaughter for religious purposes. One cannot change that outlook so we have to respect their sentiments but as animal lovers we could do our own bit by not indulging in these practices ourselves in the name of religion. Dog meat is culture oriented in a lot of places incl Nagaland where it is also a religious slaughter ceremony. They are too poor to buy any meat & since dogs are easily accessible, they happen to be on the local menu very often. I'm an ardent dog lover myself & work for the stray cause actively but I cant stop a dog eater from not eating meat if I cant provide alternate means of food so we can only help by refraining from eating such meat ourselves. Korea had booming business with dog meat specialty restaurants during a past world cup season when it was the host, with live pups on display in glass cages for people to pick & choose which one they'd like to be stewed/grilled or deep fried! now that is gruesome for a population who can afford other kinds of meat reared for the purpose of food.

Anonymous said...

eating dog meat is gross and disgusting

Anonymous said...

i agree with you . i have kept 2 dogs at home and i love them lots. everytime i see those cruelty videos, i will feel like crying. :(

Anonymous said...

Dogs are animals. Just like cows are animals. It makes no difference. Some countries/cultures don't eat cows or chicken (India), and here we are in America devouring them both every day! Dogs are the exact same way. Some people raise mice for loving family pets, some to feed to snakes. Same as dogs! You can eat what you want to eat, let other people eat what they want too!

Anonymous said...

Either choose Creation or Evolution, there really is no other option. With the creation idea, all animals were given to us to use and eat(Gen.9:3). Since it's a gift, we are supposed to treat them with respect.
With evolution, animals have been eating other animals since the beginning of time, and driving others to extinction. It makes no difference how we treat other animals.

At least with the creation idea we shoul treat animals well, but in that case they are still here for our righteous entertainment(loving pets) AS WELL AS FOOD.

Anonymous said...

I would never eat a dog and personally don't agree with it... but it is a different culture we're talking about here. Frankly i think eating any animal is gross in some ways and "technically" not much different than eating other people. Meat is meat is meat...

Who are we to judge? It's ok for us to grind up millions of cows and serve them up in an endless stream of burgers out the drive-thru window... but not for another country to use dogs for food?

That's just silly if you really think about it. If you believe that you are just projecting your cultural views on the world.

Nesta said...

Luther, you have a right to your opinion, but considering Hiroshima, the Holocaust and more recent instances of genocide, "the most barbaric act in human history" is WAY overkill. Especially when that act is being committed to GET FOOD TO EAT.

What's with the either-or? Typical stupid black and white thinking. It's culture AND economics. If it is cheaper to raise dogs for meat AND there is no taboo against it, then it will happen.

Pigs are as intelligent as dogs and are also kept as pets. I don't think anyone who eats pork has any business judging those who eat dog.

Scientists think we domesticated dogs FOR meat - just as we domesticated cattle, etc to make them tamer and easier to handle.
A kid begged to keep a runt, and "Man's Favorite Snack" became "Man's Best Friend" by accident.

Daish said...

Blah Blah Blah. Theres no difference between dog meat and any other meat. I bet some people will sit there eating a burger while they get offended by this. What idiots. If you dont want to kill, change your own life and dont judge others