Tigers Bieng Fed Live Cow For Entertainment

This is not entertainment

This picture shows tiger's feasting on a cow that was fed to them for entertainment of the onlookers in Harbin, China. Not to satisfy their hunger but for paid entertainment. This is not NATURE this is CRUELTY FOR ENTERTAINMENT. The fact that Feeding a cow would cost onlookers 200$ or more and for a chicken in the range of 5 $. I am in no way against china or its people. I love china have been intrigued by its culture and amazed by its architecture and love Chinese food but I personally cant stand this. When i saw this on TV I thought it was just a publicity stunt by the channel but search on Google returned a lot. This is not Fair Chinese authorities should stop this. A country with such deep culture should not stoop to these levels for money. This is simply not right. Leave you comment and check back for more news on this post.Remember these are not wild tigers feeding on a wild cow. These are tigers being fed wild cows for entertainment. React we have otherwise they will continue this brutality. Post your opinions here and if you find any information about the same please do post them so that we can be well informed on this. Let us not keep our mouths shut remembers these are animals and they cant talk for themselves we will have to talk for them.
I will be updating if i get more information please dont hesitate to post links or other information that you might find.
I Have found a video on you tube that states this to be true. This is disturbing and should be watched caution.

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