A Bird that is Going Extinct in India

The Great Indian Bustard

Is on a free fall to extinction. The bird is not receiving enough attention so that enough funds be allocated for saving it from extinction . The main reason for the seriously fast reducing population is the reduction in its habitat.It is already locally extinct from almost 90 per cent of its former range and has virtually disappeared from three sanctuaries created especially for its protection.The bustard prefers dry, short grasslands where the vegetation is below its eye level (less than one metre high). A terrestrial creature, it avoids dense grasslands that hamper its movement.Karera a 202 sq. km. sanctuary that was established in 1981 and included 22 villages from the Karera tehsil in the Shivpuri district of Madhya Pradesh has less than 10 birds left within it.Across India, the signs of a national bustard disaster are visible. And if forest departments are not persuaded to change their conservation strategies, it will soon be too late to save the species.

What can we do to save the Bustard?

Bring this problem to the worlds notice

If there are people capable of making a difference reading this let them try and make a difference

Post ideas here as comments so that it can be forwarded to the Indian Forest department as suggestions.(Don't know if they will listen due to the bureaucracy but we could try)

Remember the bustard is on the IUCN Red List of Threatened Species.

There are a million species going extinct then why bother ? Remember we are not sure about that statistic about a million species going extinct, even if it is true shouldn't we at least try to save a few ? isn't it happening because of us ?


Anonymous said...

Please do not let this species go extinct. We have lost too many bird species already - they are an important part of the ecosystem.

Anonymous said...

Nothing can be done about saving any species or for that matter the world itself, unless we improve the education system in the world, an education aimed at moral values rather than on wealth and power. The education system should be aimed at teaching people;- 1. To admire and value each and everything in this world, 2. To have compassion and respect for other people's opinion, 3. To live with cooperation and understanding, 4. To try means of solving problems without quarrels or bloodshed.

Anonymous said...

Nothing can be don to prevent any species from extinction, including man and this world, unless we improve the education system, - a system which is aimed at wealth, fame and power infected with corruption. Our education system should not only be aimed at earning, wealth, fame and power, but should emphasise more on moral values. The system should teach ;- 1. To have compassion and a sense of belonging to each and everything in this world, 2. To have tolerance and respect for other’s freedom and opinion, 3. To try and solve problems peacefully, without anger and bloodshed, 4. To cooperate and share, 5. To forgive and adjust with each other.