DIGG is widely told by Indians, Pakistanis and Chinese to be Racist in nature. Now a study shows from data collected from an Internet survey that Digg users from these countries are usually banned when they post content saying that they are spamming, the most interesting fact is that they claim that when an American contact posts the same content it gets promoted. It is also claimed that Digg super promotes articles that they want to support. This confirms the popular claim that Digg is influencing people in wrong manner by making some irrelevant articles or websites go to the top for their personal benefits. Some users even went to the extent of claiming that Digg was taking money for bring up results.

This type of manipulation of Internet users is just not right because they are trying to give out an image that they are actually driven by users when they are not. A study showed a NIT C student group registering as an American user and then as an Indian user they used peers in America to get American IP. Then the group posted links from the same site multiple time from the two account. In a days time the Indian account was blocked with no explanation, and two posts from the American account made to front page.
The posts that made to the top:-

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