How You’re Wasting Fuel When You Think You’re Saving It!!!

With the price of Crude up over 40% .People are trying to find ways to save money on fuel.

Many of these ideas are useful and worth the extra effort - adjusting your commuting time, cleaning out your car’s trunk, turning off your car at stop lights that would take more than a minute - many of these ideas will actually waste fuel and money.

Driving on the highway with their windows down to avoid using the air conditioner.

We all are under the illusion that the AC uses up the most Fuel. That is not exactly true when your commuting on the highways. This is because of the fact that aerodynamic drag takes up a lot more power than our modern car Ac's which are lot more efficient than their predecessors. So when commuting on the highway don't try to save by switching off the AC.

Driving with their Pick Up’s tailgate down.

People come to the impression that when their Pick Ups Tailgate is up it provides a Aerodynamic drag thus reducing efficiency. The opposite is actually true. When a pick ups tailgate is up, a “protective air bubble” will form in the area which actually makes it a little more aerodynamic; when the tailgate is down, this bubble disappears and mileage gets worse.

Accelerating extremely slowly.

Many people think that the slower they accelerate, the better mileage they’re going to get. Unfortunately, extremely slow acceleration can load your engine and make it less efficient thus wasting fuel. So, always drive your car in a normal medium. That is a speed that would be as near to the speed limit as possible. Speed limits in most countries are set with efficiency considerations too.

Warming your car to run more efficiently.

Warming up your car isn't necessary for most cars today. No matter how efficient your car is, unnecessary idling wastes fuel, costs you money, and pollutes the air.

Using After market Fuel efficiency enhancers.

Most of them are just scams and would mostly result in you wasting your money or worse result in your mileage going down.

Car Pooling Some times if done inefficiently wastes gas and money.

If the call pooling routes are not charted properly or if inefficient cars are used for pooling etc this actually might result in people wasting fuel and money.

You can never be faulted for trying to save fuel, but these above considered methods wouldn't work. Look at this blog soon for a list of methods that work.

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devil13 said...

Driving with the glass up improves the dynamics reducing the drag, thereby increasing the efficiency. Blower can be use instead of AC. And only in such a hot weather AC in indispensable.